Letter of Introduction

Salutations and Compliments from NIJAN GROUP To your Highly esteemed establishment. NIJAN GROUP is a Privately owned group of companies duly Registered under Kenya’s Company Act and domiciled in Kenya with Operational Footprints in EAST AFRICA And beyond.

Our Decade old Experience has seen the group expand in Leaps and bounds and Continually Meet and Exceed Customer and Partners Needs by Providing Quality; Petroleum and Petroleum Products, Transport and Logistics, Imports and Exports of Goods and Key Corporate Social Responsibility Programs.


NIJAN Team is composed of Seasoned Captains of the industry who understand the Terrain and the ever-changing dynamics of the Fluid and sometimes volatile Industry.

We operate on Best Solutions that differentiates us from others Priding Ourselves of Efficiency and Excellence at NIJAN GROUP.

Call to Action

Global Warming and Carbon emission reduction being our Key Components in our approach, we believe that a different take is needed to address this salient menace in the Communities we operate in.

We endeavor to be a support system to our Partners and Contractors by providing end to end Solutions in all Matters Logistics and Logistical related issues

At NIJAN GROUP we are keen on Capacity Building, Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] Activities where we are currently supporting mitigation of climate action.

On Imports and Exports particularly for selected entities handling humanitarian work at Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi with diverse Products to meet our ever-changing Consumer needs and preferences.

We partner with likeminded Local and International partners through Joint ventures collaboration and partnership to achieve Targeted sustainable Objectives; inter alia Construction or Refurbishment of Petrol Stations via off plan and expansion of existing ones.